■ IT Infrastructure and Options Analysis
■ Systems Integration
■ Network Analysis
■ Troubleshooting
■ IT Compliance
■ Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Policy and Planning
■ IT Education
■ Server and storage consolidation, optimization and virtualization
■ System implementations, migrations and maintenance
■ Storage simplification, protection and management
■ High availability and disaster recovery
■ Backup, recovery and archiving
■ Security and compliance
■ Networking and mobility
■ Unified communications and voice

Our Focus areas include

Wi-Fi: Wireless solution in house or campus wise using indoor and outdoor AP.
Network Security/UTM/Firewall: Firewall, VPN, Anti – Virus, Anti Spam, IDP(Intrusion Detection and Prevention) Content Filtering, Bandwidth Management, Multilink Manager
Fiber Termination/Splicing: Laying of fiber through campus, Fiber termination & splicing of 6 core, 12, 24, 48, open trenching & HDD work.
VPN Solution: VPN, intranet solution with IPSec or GRI based Tunnels with advance security solutions.
VoIP Solutions: VoIP solution with no charges of calling within an organization.
Structured Cabling: Cable laying, cable dressing and routing with proper manner.
Network Integration & Consultancy: Design and consultancy of LAN and WAN Solutions.
Survelliance Security: CCTV, RFID/Biometric Based Time Attendance system


IT design is not only about the latest technology; first and foremost it’s about meeting your organisations strategic needs.
OxaByte plays an important partner role with its customers to ensure that any new IT installation is perfectly aligned to strategic requirements. Design considerations cover a wide range of issues such as layout, capacity planning, security, and, perhaps most-importantly, return on investment.
OxaByte’s focus is to design fast, functional, secure, resilient, scalable, and predictable IT solutions in harmony with existing and new applications that deliver optimum performance and return. Current infrastructure and operational practices are always taken into account to provide a balance between new and old, causing as little disruption to the organisation as possible and to leverage maximum return on existing investments.


IT service management provides delivery and management of services and applications which are a cost effective and productive means of extending, enhancing or updating more traditional IT structures to meet ever changing technology and business needs.
The range of available managed services is a growth area in IT generally, be it hosted data-centre operations or ‘cloud-based’ delivery. IT service management functions can include day to day housekeeping, maintenance and management; advanced niche technologies such as IP telephony, messaging, video conferencing and firewalls; monitoring, reporting and trend-analysis of IT performance. OxaByte can provide a full and flexible range of managed services that address technical, operational and strategic objectives for business advantage and cost savings.

Why Choose OxaByte?

■ Expert advice on most appropriate service
■ Immediate access to a large pool of specialist skills and resources – on demand skill
■ Improved use of existing IT resources
■ Improved business flexibility
■ Better management control
■ Access to new IT technologies
■ Release from capital investment